We realised that many you are active in other car forums and quite often post pictures of your cars on other web sites. This bringst some challenges:

  • You constantly have to resize pictures to be suitable for posting on other sites
  • All your pictures are spread across multiple locations which can be hard to keep track of
  • There is no easy way of finding all images if you ever want to remove them in the future

You can use Patina to host and display any of your images and documents (that are public) across any web site.

To do this, from any picture or document page, click the media hosting button to show its unique media link:

Use this link in any other forum or website to show the image:

This will embed the image hosted on Patina n any other site:

The advantage of using Patina to host all of your images is that they will be controlled by our security model. This means that in the future if you decide to make the image private or remove it, then it will be replaced on all sites with a user friendly message, giving you complete control of where your photos are displayed:

Other options that are useful when linking to images is the ability to change the size of the image displayed. This is particularly useful when other web sites have size limits on the images that can be displayed. By default the image shown is sized at 1136 x 852 pixels. If you would like other size options then you can add on the following to the end of the URL:

?size=small - Displays an image size of 620 x 464 pixels

?size=medium - Displays an Image size of 1136 x 852 pixels

?size=large - Image size is the actual size that was originally uploaded (warning - this could be quite large)

For example, using the image example above, to show a small image the URL would be: