Do you sell, restore or build cars? If so then your business will benefit from a Patina trade page.

Available free of charge they allow you to create a customised, branded web page that contains the digital records of the vehicles that you are currently selling or working on alongside the details of your business.

Here is an example from one of our existing business users, Frontline Developments:

Why is this useful? Restorers and car builders are able to:

· Use Patina to keep owners up to date with works on their cars in real time, adding the latest build photos to an online record

· Show potential customers the type and quality of work that is undertaken.

Dealers can:

· Make the entire history of a car available to potential purchasers, greatly improving the information that they can use to help sell

· Help themselves to stand out from competitors who advertise stock with just a few photos.

Link from your existing web site, social media pages or used independently, our digital records let you capture as many photos, videos and documents as are needed to show off and evidence the vehicle's history.

To demonstrate further, here are some real-world example that show how Patina enhances a car’s history:

The restoration: An MGB V8 being built by Frontline Developments

The full service history: A Porsche 944 with its full history from first sale to today

The history that is more than paper: Porsche 911 showing how keeping more than receipts can add value:

With the ability to upload photos and documents in bulk, we take a task that can be tiresome today (taking pictures, resizing them, then emailing or uploading them) and automate to save you time (and in turn money) as well as giving your customers a better experience. Once you have finished your works, or have sold the car, transfer the digital record to the vehicle owner so that they have a rich history that they can continue to add to in the future. 

As well our the web application, we also have an iPhone app that allows you to capture photos, videos and documents directly from your phone, simplifying the process even further. Using the app, as soon as you take the pictures or record video then they are uploaded to the vehicle record instantly.

To get started today with a your own trade page to help your business, follow the steps in our ‘Getting Started - Trade Users’ article.