One set of functionality that you may have noticed in the latest web and iOS apps is the introduction of Comments, Likes and Follows. We are not turning Patina into yet another social network (we will always focus on digital vehicle history). However, a number of you have contacted us to request more interaction in Patina and we understood that it would makes the platform even more useful.

So how should they be used?



Comments can be made on records and are ideal for asking questions and offering support to other users. The owner of a vehicle can decide if they want to allow comments on their records and as you would expect, have full control over anything that is posted. To enable, edit your records from within the iOS or Web app and make sure that ‘Comments’ are turned on.



Likes are simple, use to show your appreciation of any content that you see and, well….like!



Follows are a great way of customising the content that you see in Patina. We have added a new activity feed, ‘Following’. This feed shows all the latest records of the vehicles that you have followed, great for example if you only want to see content of cars similar to yours. To use, simply click the follow icon from any vehicle page.