Take a look at The Market and let Patina help you sell your classic, or if you would like to use your Patina record to help you sell via another platform see below.

Using Your Patina Record In Other Adverts

Enhance adverts on other web sites (e.g. PistonHeads, eBay, AutoTrader, Car and Classic etc) by linking back to your Patina record where you can provide more information. To link to your vehicle's record within other adverts, use the ‘Share vehicle’ option from your vehicle's page to see your records unique link, 

Place this in your other adverts to link back to your vehicle’s record on Patina (remember that only records set to ‘public’ will be visible)

Using Your Images In Other Adverts

To use your images on Patina in adverts on other web sites, view the image that you want to use, click the ‘embed image’ link and make a note of the link that appears below. 

Use this link as the image location in any adverts that you place, safe in the knowledge that if you delete or change the image’s privacy on Patina, this will apply to every site that you have used the image allowing you to keep control of your content.