We take the security, reliability and scalability of what we have created very seriously and have embedded it into the core fabric of the system. We are a UK based, profitable company and our team’s background includes developing secure financial systems. A lot of that experience has made its way into Patina. 

What does this mean for you and our users? Here are the highlights:

  • Everything that you store with Patina is encrypted.
  • Everything you send over the internet when viewing or sending private data using Patina is encrypted.
  • We have the security of our systems tested by independent security experts.
  • Your media (photos, documents and videos) are kept on storage that is replicated so that we never lose your data, and is designed to be available 99.9% of the time (in plain English that means there could be ~43 minutes of downtime per month).
  • All data is kept in highly secure data centres operated by Amazon.
  • Where we have other components in our application without a published SLA (Service Level Agreement), we are working hard to establish one and will update as soon as we have information we can publish.
  • We have used best of breed backend services to ensure that we can seamlessly scale without any manual intervention.

Does this mean that we will always offer a perfect service? We certainly hope so but also understand that sometimes unexpected things happen. If they do then we promise to be as transparent as possible, but take it as read that we know how valuable the data that our users store is, and therefore how it needs to be treated. As the title says, we are not messing about!

As always any specific questions then please drop us a mail to hello(at)getpatina(dot)com.