Patina is for everybody, well anybody who has a vehicle (could be anything - not just a car) and wants to keep a record of information that establishes its history. When we refer to ‘information’ we mean anything from a copy of receipts and invoices, to pictures of work being carried out, or even videos establishing the vehicles provenance.

We don’t prescribe what history or how you should keep it, we simply give you the tools to be able to create your own vehicle records using documents, photos and videos.

That said, even though anybody could use Patina, we do know of a few groups of people that will definitely want to use it:

Classic car owners - easily document restoration and other works. As time goes by the more information that you capture, the more of a story your car has and the more value is created.

Sportscar owners - these are not cheap to own or maintain (believe me we know) and the more you can do to highlight the money and time that has been spent, the more value you create.

Car modifiers - Its not for everybody but for those that are passionate about modifying their cars can capture and share their latest ‘mods’. Be it a video of the new exhaust, a photo of new engine components or a video of the car in use.

Racers - with some racers in the team we know how much work and preparation goes into these cars, how often they are modified and repaired. Capture the blood, sweat and tears as well as (hopefully) the high points such as the podium shots and the in-car footage as you masterfully drive from last to first. This doesn’t just form a history for your race car, it establishes true pedigree!