For us here at Patina there are several different types of history that we think you will want to capture for your vehicles, each with a different purpose. We’ve identified 4 types:

  • Transactional History
  • Enhancing History
  • Provenance History
  • Personal History

Below we explore each in turn. Of course different people will use Patina for different reasons including some, none, or even all of the types mentioned above. We expect our users to come up with a use for Patina that we haven’t thought of, if thats the case then we would love to hear about it.

Transactional History

Let’s start with the basics, transactional history. This is the default history that anybody would expect to have on a vehicle if they went to buy it. It includes copies of service records, receipts for tyres and other consumables etc. Convert this…

…into this:

All your documents in a single place which can be easily catalogued and amended when required:

Have something that is secure, always on hand, cannot get lost or damaged and is easy to search.

Keeping transactional history isn’t so much a ‘nice to have’ as a ‘must do’ for anybody that wants their car to meet the blue book price when it comes to selling. Luckily Patina makes this a breeze.

Enhancing History

Stepping up a gear from transactional history, lets talk about enhancing history. These are the records that bring additional value on top of what is expected by default .e.g receipts and invoices for upgraded components, photos of works taking place and otter means of proving the quality and type of enhancements that have taken place.

Enhancing history brings to life what was previously described by a piece of paper (which can easily be amended or reproduced) and provides a rich detailed record of works.

Consider the following; you are told that a car has had a respray and see a piece of paper that says as much. However this tells you nothing about the quality of the preparation, how much care was taken and whether it was done by a professional. Imagine that you also had the following as part of the cars record:

Now you can see the lengths that were gone to and have confidence in what you are looking at. This significantly enhances the value of the vehicle.

Of course it can be applied to much much more then just bodywork, any enhancing works carried out benefit from rich media that form an integral part of the vehicles history.

Provenance History

After transactional history and enhancing history we move onto provenance history. This details the vehicles life, notable journeys, owners and situations that the car has been involved in. Lucky enough to own a race winning car, or one that has an interesting owner? This is the opportunity for you to prove the cars story by capturing photos and videos as it takes place.

We can’t promise that it will increase the vehicles value, but it might and it certainly won’t detract from it!

Personal History

Finally after transactional, enhancing and provenance history we get onto our final type, personal history. These are the records that mean something to you, capturing a special moment or period in time that involve your vehicle. This won’t increase the value nor would you want to pass it on to any future owners, rather it becomes your personal record that is special to you.

Using Patina allows you to permanently capture and preserve those special moments forever and keep hold of them, even if you later sell the vehicle.