One of the key uses for Patina is to make sure that you permanently preserve all of your cars documentation for generations to come. This can be a daunting task, especially if you have lots of history to start with! One very easy quick and easy way to preserve your documents is via our iOS app and Android app which you can use to scan your vehicle's documents. Using your phone's camera it converts them to PDF and securely uploads them to your vehicle record on Patina.

Use the following steps to get going:

1. Select the Add Document or Invoice (depending what you want to add) from the app's main menu (Red button in the bottom left of the app).

2. Line up the document that you want to scan within the guides on the screen and click the shutter button at the bottom of the screen to take a picture. You can use the camera in portrait or landscape mode. If you already have images of the document then select the Gallery button to choose the document from you photo library.

3. The document will be processed and the app will attempt to detect the edges of the page. If any adjustment is required simply drag each ball (numbered from 1 - 4) so that the red lines are aligned with the edges of the document. Press Select.

4. Now you can choose if you would like to keep the document in colour, convert it to black or white or greyscale. Use the colour selectors in the bottom left of the screen to preview and select each option.

If your document has multiple pages, click the Plus button to scan in each additional page (they will be combined into the same document). 

Once you have finished, click Next to move to the final step.

5. Finally, add in any additional details about your document such as a description / date and select whether the document should be private (only you can access and view) or public (other people can view). By default all documents are set to private to ensure confidentiality. 

Click Done and your document will be uploaded.

Any issues then please do contact us at